THE EMPTINESS game is coming soon! Players will have to find a way out of a grim house. The horrible place is filled with crafty traps and puzzles…

The gameplay is designed in a way that allows players to define the principles of their own lives. The choices you made have a direct influence on an outcome of the game. THE EMPTINESS will be interesting to all fans of a psycho-philosophical quest with thriller elements.

The doors hold the answers!


☢ One of a kind horror gameplay
☢ 6 hours of scarry adventures
☢ Psycho-philosophical concept
☢ Several thrilling endings

emptiness_quest emptiness_game

Mystery-Trackers-Raincliffs-Phantoms-Collectors-EditionWelcome the sixth Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game of Mystery Tracker series. This HOPA has absorbed all the best features of its forerunners and even exceed some of them. I think there is no drawback in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff’s Phantoms Collector’s Edition. Maybe you’ll find some? If you adore this genre, download game on PC or Mac for free or get a full version with no doubt.

Tha sign on a Raincliff city gates says that it is forbidden to enter there. But can it stop a journalist craving for fame? She takes a camera and a microphone and crosses the border of restricted area intending to uncover the old mystery of the city. Unfortunately this is the end of her success story. Now brave girl is in a snare and it is unlikely she can rescue without assistance. You are a brave detective who has to help her. Investigate locations, find hidden objects and collect inventory, show an adroitness solving puzzles and save the witless women. Keep in mind that the Raincliff is full of invisible beings and they are really dangerous. If you are ready to wrestle with them download  Mystery Trackers: Raincliff’s Phantoms Collector’s Edition or get a full version of this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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Mystery Trackers: Raincliff’s Phantoms Collector’s Edition  –  icy adventure game:

  • Incredibly charming snowy locations and bunch of special effects
  • Unusual process of inventory using
  • Lovely pet Elf as your friend and assistant
  • Heap of pleasant bonuses of Collector’s Edition

Nearwood gameThis Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game by all the standards has left behind the most of HOPA games of late. There are amazing fairy world, incredibly colorful scenes, inimitable characters and many more other great features which make the Nearwood game worthy to download. Read a review and get convinced that by yourself.

Storyline narrates about fairy world where in the old days a good used to triumph over. A harmony was provided by Time Keepers who had managed to lock up an evil between two worlds. During a long period they had been keeping a balance with the help of a magic clock but one day a human being interfered in course of time and a right order was destroyed. The life of Nearwood stopped together with clock hands. Now peaceful elves and other fantastic creatures are forced to live in close evil neighborhood and have to condone its unkind deeds.

Nearwood game review

You’ll play as a young girl whose father is actually responsible for all that chaos. She will face a bunch of adventures and meet many foes who are desperate to stop her. However there also will be some helpers; the main is a wise elf and he will assist you to the bitter end. Although this is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) game there are a few usual hidden objects scenes and their mechanics is rather unordinary. All in all there is nearly a perfect combination of puzzles, mini games and hidden tasks.

Nearwood gampley

This game fascinates with beauty and wealth of color. Each detail is a part and parcel of the entire game world. Besides interesting tasks there are many thrilling dialogs and tales narrating about Nearwood history. Video sequence creates an impression as if you’re watching true movie thus sometimes you even forget that this is just a game. Your interest is always stirred up by new details which pop up constantly. Well, I can wright this review endlessly but it is better to download at least a free trial and play this amazing HOPA.

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Nearwood Review: one of the best fairy HOPA games:

  • Rich game world and beautiful graphics
  • Pile of unique rather cute charecters
  • Almost a perfect balance of puzzles, mini games and hidden objects scenes
  • The atmosphere of true fantasy film